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It’s holiday season

It’s holiday season!

Summer’s here, so we at Aster are off on our hols to enjoy some downtime, family and friend time and who knows maybe some sunshine 🌞

Taking time out from work and having a change of scene allows you to properly switch off which brings so many benefits to both your mental and physical well-being.

Research shows that the majority of us have unused holiday days at the end of the year, which is unbelievable.

Ten proven benefits to taking a break are:

1) Reduced stress
Some stress is good, studies show that, but experts have noted that 80% of workers are stressed on the job, and 70% of their trips to a healthcare provider are stress-related. Holidays help keep good health intact and can prevent “burnout”.

2) Increased creativity
Disconnecting from work can enable people to see their everyday world differently, clearer thinking and increased creativity come from a change of environment.

3) Boosted emotional stability
Too much time at the office can leave you feeling frustrated. Getting away from it all, however, can ward off the potential for inappropriate outbursts or “did I really say that to my colleague?” regrets.

4) Confidence soars
Many researchers have noted that people return from a holiday with a renewed sense of self. Refreshed and returning to work renewed vigour and challenge.

5) Improved intelligence
The human body requires downtime and need to reboot; the natural cycle of alertness and fatigue are 90 minute periods and can’t be ignored. Longer getaways allow you to fully recharge improving mental alertness.

6) Reduced low moods
Taking a break from deadlines and high-pressure environments fights stress. Altering your mind by taking a holiday can shift irritable, depressed or anxiety-ridden moods to ones that are more calm and relaxed.

7) Fights colds and infections
Continual, or chronic, stress can gravely compromise bodily function and health, holidays remove this stress. Even the genetic material in cells can become disrupted under too much stress.

8) Strengthened relationships
Time spent with a partner or family members during holidays allows you to re-bond. Experts have discovered that time together in the form of a holiday builds personal ties and increases family connectedness.

9) Saving your company money
Holiday’s help your company’s bottom line! Sickness levels rise with stressed employees who end up being out of work for long periods of time..

10) You’ll be inspired
Inspiration is usually found whilst trying something different, not when you’re engaged in the same environment and seeing the same faces day after day without a holiday.

Make the most of your downtime, relish the benefits, recharge the batteries and return refreshed and inspired! How have holidays changed the way you work, live, think? We’d love to hear!

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