Turning fragmented structures into a highly efficient framework

Service Area

Supplier Management


A large public sector organisation

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Our client was spending a lot of their budget on a single, strategic software supplier. This was resulting in many problems, including inconsistent supplier management, inefficient software asset management, commercial exposure and risk.

Our client was also concerned about the longevity and flexibility of their future strategy.

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We started by partnering with a specialist software consultancy, reviewing all of our client’s existing agreements and needs. We also assessed their supplier strategy, preparing them for supplier meetings that would deliver much clearer objectives.

Collaborating with the company’s legal team was our next step. Here, we aligned the fragmented contract structure and delivered a more flexible commercial and technical strategy.

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Our client now has a centralised framework agreement and a fully aligned supplier management approach, which has enabled them to reduce commercial and governance risk.

Alongside these new approaches, they’ve introduced a Software Asset Management tool, which is optimising the current estate and delivering flexibility for asset use across all contracting parties.

Our client is delighted that their commercial arrangements are not only in-line with their strategy, but also flexible enough to evolve with their business.

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