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A UK-based utilities management company

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Outdated processes

Our client was grappling with legacy processes that were no longer fit for purpose, while also introducing a new finance system. This was putting pressure on a team who were already over-stretched managing their day jobs.

Our initial assessment showed there was lots to do. The procurement team were laden down by processes, slow to respond to business needs and not applying resource in the right areas. At the same time, they were focusing on front-end sourcing activity rather than the full procurement cycle, which was leading to lots of missed benefits.

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An end-to-end procurement lifecycle

We started by designing an end-to-end procurement lifecycle, including a supplier relationship management model and a risk-based framework. These changes empowered the business to manage their own low risk projects, leaving the procurement team to focus on the higher risk activity.

Next, we introduced a simplified toolkit. This included ‘how to’ guides, a risk assessment tool, revised templates and clarity around roles and responsibilities.

But our work didn’t end there. We collaborated with key stakeholders to ensure the processes dovetailed with those in other parts of the business. And provided training to the internal comms team, making sure everything was implemented successfully.

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Business-wide consistency + efficiency

The client now has refocused procurement and supplier relationship management teams who can prioritise key activities that will add the most value to their business. Operating with a new toolkit means consistency and efficiency across the team.

With simplified processes in place, teams are delivering quicker, making better decisions and ensuring all interested parties are engaged at the right time.

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