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Simplicity… what does it mean to you?

For me it’s always been something tantamount to nirvana… that peaceful place you aim for but are pretty sure you’ll never reach!

As a business owner, parent, property owner, aspiring writer and all round ‘action-oriented’ individual, complexity seems to follow me around. But does that have to be the case and am I actually contributing to the problem?

With my Aster Commercial Services Limited hat on, I help clients work through detailed and often complex procurement issues on a regular basis so I asked myself why am I not applying this to my own life? And then it hit me – our clients engage us because we know the best way to approach their procurement problems and we give them extra bandwidth when they need it. We help them with the things that keep them awake at night. So I needed to stop trying to do it all myself and find the experts who could help me solve the things I didn’t have the skills or bandwidth to do.

It has certainly helped me reduce my ‘to do’ list and I know I will get a better result because of it as I’m in expert hands. And relax…

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