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The Road Back to You

Business Book Review – The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron (1st July)

My 14 year old daughter recently shared with me the results of a personality test she had found online. I have seen a number of these in my Corporate life, all very similar but each with their own specific slant. But this was a new one for me – The Enneagram.

Coincidentally, I then saw a link to The Evolving Leader podcast from one of my connections (@juliebenjamin) that lead me to an episode from @JeanGomes interviewing @IanMorgan Cron. I immediately purchased his book – The Road Back to You.

It focuses on describing the 9 personality types and the behaviours they commonly exhibit (both under stress and when in a good place) and it offers ways that each type can address some of their less positive behaviours.

Fascinating from a personal perspective, but also to identity those around me.As the author mentions in the book, the driver isn’t about pigeon holing people or using it to point out people’s failings, it is more about having an appreciation of your own reasons for behaving the way you do as well as providing an understanding of (and having empathy for) other types too.

After all, knowledge is power and for those of us with a #growthmindset having information to support our #PersonalDevelopment has to be a good thing.


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