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A-level Results day

A-Level Results day – did you or your kids get what they were expecting or not? Not an easy time especially given the wonders of the pandemic!


My A-Level results came at the end of a 3 years of change where I started on one journey and changed to another.

My results weren’t going to set the world on fire but were good enough to set me off in a direction I had chosen. Strangely that direction wasn’t the right one and I changed course again and ended up in Procurement.

In fact I have changed course many times during my career and taken every opportunity I’ve come across, maybe not the right one sometimes, but having learned from them then re-steered toward better things.

Whatever today has brought you remember:

  • there are always opportunities out there
  • be brave
  • say yes
  • take the learnings that will stand you in good stead for all that is to come

What are the best or worst opportunities that you’ve grabbed and where did it lead you?

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