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Home staycation

Day 2 of Week 2 of my Home Staycation and I’m finding it hard to switch off! Not a surprise, perhaps, for those who know me well…


Much as I love my home, my garden and the hammock, it doesn’t feel completely like a holiday, yet.

Maybe it’s because I have spent so much time at home over the last 18 months that the novelty has worn off?

Maybe it’s because there is always jobs to do around the house that distract me from just chilling out?

Maybe it’s just who I am that my natural style leans towards ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’?

Whatever the reason, the good news is we are off to the coast this afternoon for a couple of days so that should help!

Would love to know how you manage to make staying at home feel like being on holiday…

Sarah Walters

#summerholidays #relaxation #beingpresent

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