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Juggling roles

How do you manage the different roles you play?

Summer has historically been a time of juggling with school holidays and work commitments clashing for many.


But with the experience of extended lockdown periods under our belts and therefore a familiarity of home and work boundaries being blurred, are you finding this summer is proving easier than usual to manage with the juggling of roles?

In our house, the fact I need to do work calls sometimes when the children are around is the ‘norm’ now. I try to make sure it is balanced and doesn’t happen every day. Some days are ring fenced family time and work does not feature, but for those times where I need to juggle, we discuss it together to make sure everyone’s plans are factored in, and everyone gets their needs met. I think my children understand what I do more now and are more flexible and understanding as a result, which is a win-win for us all.

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