Opportunity and risk management
Spend & Risk

The backbone of any Procurement strategy but often the activity that gets neglected due to the pressures of new supplier engagements or the need to focus on your high spend/high risk suppliers. We can provide an objective lens on your third party spend and give you valuable insight into what you are missing.

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WHAT: A review of your current arrangements will identify overlaps, savings opportunities, risks & other commercial improvements. For a deeper dive, we can provide contract reviews at agreement & supplier level.
HOW: Give us your third party spend, forecast, budgets and contracts. We’ll do the heavy lifting and make sense of the results.
DELIVERABLES: A report with our findings & clear recommendations of how to deliver the benefit. Contract summaries in a standardised format.

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WHAT: Working with you, we’ll help prioritise the supplier activity based on your criteria. If its quick wins you’re after or a longer term strategic view we can pull a plan together that will deliver business value.
HOW: Using the Opportunity Analysis output and/or contract summaries, all the while consulting with you & your stakeholders.
DELIVERABLES: A strategy and action plan that addresses the opportunities and delivers the benefit in the right timeframe for you.

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WHAT: Having completed the data analysis and planning we can help you realise the benefits too. Delivery is our middle name and we can own and lead the action plan or simply support alongside.
HOW: We can provide a fixed or flexible level of resource, selecting the right service model to get the job done.
DELIVERABLES: We’ll help you realise the savings, opportunities and risk reductions identified thereby establishing a sustainable & value based supply chain.